Robb Recommends: Louis XIII’s Spirited Innovations

Two tech-embracing initiatives show that the cognac brand is ahead of the marketing pack.

We’ve all heard of the Internet of Things – but it tends to be rather quotidian “things” such as fridges, bins and office vending machines. Following some serious deliberation on the regrettable fact that The Internet Of Beautiful Things isn’t, well, a thing, that we decided on a drinking accessory to top our Christmas list: this Louis XIII Smart Decanter, available in Harrods (£2,600).

Elegantly traditional to look at but futuristic when it comes to its functionality, it provides Louis XIII superfans seamless access to an exclusive world of privileges – the Louis XIII Society, a private club in which members can check out exclusive content, unique experiences and personalised services via their smartphones.

Meanwhile another Louis XIII innovation – one with literally a nice ring to it – has just been announced: One Note Prelude, a tribute to the “g-sharp” musical note that resonates when two Louis XIII glasses are clinked together in a toast, has involved Paris-based pianist Yaron Herman being commissioned to compose a one-note symphony using only that note. “The symphony has a complex simplicity,” he says of the task. “It’s just one note, but with many dimensions – and many revelations. The idea that one note, like one drop of Louis XIII, can evolve over time and reveal itself was something that I found fascinating.”

Herman’s unique piece begins with a single lingering piano note, which is then joined by a string quartet playing the same note at different octaves and using contrasting rhythms, layering texture, structure and harmony as the track evolves. As a crescendo is approached, a neat high-tech component enters the fray when a pair of specially choreographed robotic arms come together, in time with the music, to make a toast with two Louis XIII cognac glasses (from April 2020, the robots’ arms will be displayed in the Louis XIII Boutiques first in Singapore, Beijing and Xi’an, then around the world).

“Tasting Louis XIII cognac is all about the aromas, the depth of flavours, the texture and, of course, the sound,” says Ludovic du Plessis, Global Executive Director of Louis XIII. “The One Note Prelude composition not only pays tribute to the musical note, but also expresses the complexity that can be found in a single note, as an echo to the tasting of just one drop of Louis XIII Cognac.”

Watch a video about this remarkable innovation here.

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