Senturion Key: The Supercar Accessory You Never Knew You Needed

Visitors to Senturion Key’s Mayfair showroom are stopped in their tracks by a spellbinding curio sat atop the table in the greeting area: a hunk of meteorite that hurtled into a Namibian lake around 100m years ago. Look at it from one angle, and a glinting, sliced-flat surface shows off the crystalline alloy structure imposed […]

Spanish Studio Nomon Thinks It’s the Right Time to Go Analog

In school, there was nothing more imprisoning (or, in turn, liberating) than the classroom clock. As adults, we have the luxury of shunning them at home, blissfully ignoring a dreary world of deadlines and preferring to give it all up to overachieving smartphones. Spanish studio Nomon has stepped in just as clocks have been disappearing from bedside […]

This Underwater Scooter Lets You Glide Beneath the Waves Like a Manta Ray

Although underwater scooters were first developed during WWII as torpedo-like transports for military personnel, by the late 1960s, they had crossed over into recreational use. Today, it’s not uncommon to find multiple Sea Doo or SeaBob scooters stored in the tender garages of yachts like Amels’ Here Comes the Sun or Princess Yachts’ Anka—standing at the ready to ferry its […]