Robb Recommends: The Haara Chandelier

The collaboration between Steinway & Sons UK and Cameron Design House is the perfect fixture under which to tinkle the ivories.

There are a fair few iconic chandeliers in the cultural canon: the one recovered from the wreck of the Titanic, those featured in The Phantom of the Opera and Beauty & the Beast, the ones in the Winter Palace in St Petersburg… and then of course there’s that episode of Only Fools & Horses. And, a new addition to the annals was unveiled during London Design Festival 2019 at the Steinway Hall showroom in Marylebone – the Haara Chandelier, a collaboration with sculptural lighting company Cameron Design House.

Over the last 160 years, the Hamburg- and New York-based instrument maker has  built up a customer base that enables journalists to write “Rachmaninoff” and “Billy Joel” in the same sentence (Cole Porter and Arthur Rubinstein are also  among the diverse talents who favour Steinway’s output). This project, though, shines a very different light on the company’s  manufacturing smarts.

Limited to a run of 10 units, the chandelier – which is based on Cameron Design House’s elegant branching-frame pendant – resembles a weeping willow falling from the ceiling. Designed to offer a different aesthetic from every angle, it is made up of cylindrical lanterns, assembled from hand-drawn glass and polished brass. The end of the furthest-reaching lantern has had Steinway’s traditional rich, black lacquered finish applied to it along with the company logo. All will be handmade to order by artisans in Cameron Design House’s St Johns Wood workshop.

“The organic and delicate structure of the Haara is the perfect balance to a Steinway & Sons piano, adding grandeur and expressiveness to a room, perfectly complementing one of the most beautiful musical instruments ever created,” a Cameron Design House spokesperson commented.

Available from Steinway Hall in Marylebone, £56,000




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