Six Luxury Turntables For Today

Ride vinyl’s new rotation with these savvy record players.

Six Luxury Turntables For Today

‘It sounds better on vinyl.’

Scoff all you like, but it’s true. And the once fusty and forgotten ‘analogue’ format is now rightly finding a wealth of modern devotees (and ‘returnees’) as the needle gets dropped on its reinstatement in many modern lounge rooms.

Still, no point buying limited edition presses without a top-quality turntable.

Here, six of the best going around.

Technics SL-1210GAE Turntable

In celebrating its 55th anniversary, the leading Japanese hi-fi company has released the 1210GAE – an all-black machine with 10mm-thick aluminium top, panel, anodized brushed finish and which is powered by a cordless direct drive motor. A sleek number with the engineering cred to boot and exclusive at just 1000 units.



Marantz TT-15s1 Premium Series

For all analogue aficionados, Marantz has developed the TT-15s1. Its acrylic resin chassis, solid aluminium feet, ceramic bearings and continuous silicon belt mean top-class performance and uninterrupted listening. Plus, its design-focused build is easy on the eyes.



Linn Klimax LP12 Turntable

Over 45 years of precision engineering is built into The LP12, the flagship offering from Austrian audio brand, Linn. The unit is comprised of the best of the best, including a Sondek LP12 turntable, keel machined sub-chassis, upgraded control unit & power supply, Ekos SE precision tonearm and more showcasing the depths of every record. As a modular system, it’s easy to update with improved tech for years to come.



The Gearbox Automatic MKII 

A unique collaboration between Gearbox Records and Austrian turntable specialists Pro-Ject Audio, this transparent bit of kit lets you ogle the inner-workings.  Futuristic design aside, the affordable effort comes stacked with modern tech that allows for Bluetooth transmission alongside an app to add your favourite records to Spotify.


Rega Planar 10

 Sleek and minimal may describe the Planar 10’s looks, but certainly not its sound. Using the most advanced materials built around an extremely lightweight plinth. The low-mass design lets sounds truly sing, while a ceramic top brace and full metal custom case creates much-needed stability.



Vertere Acoustics RG-1 Reference Groove Player

Designed without compromise, the drive system can rotate the aluminium platter smoothly and silently presenting music uninterrupted by motor or bearing noise. Sound aside, the acrylic moulding presents a good looking foundation and can even be purchased with a matching acrylic dust cover to keep the aesthetic in tune.

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