Music tailored to your ears

Beyerdynamic Aventho wireless headphones uses top of the range technology to personalise your listening experience.

Daniel Vieser . D-Karlsruhe
While no two ears are the same, most headphones are one-size-fits-all when it comes to audio output. The German audio manufacturer Beyerdynamic is out to address this incongruity with its new Aventho wireless headphones (£399, europe.beyerdynamic), the output of which can be personalised based on data collected from a brief hearing test.
The Aventho headphones sound impressive right out of the box, but the company’s Make It Yours app (available for Android and iOS devices) enhances the experience by analysing your aural profile. After asking your age, the app plays a series of tones at varying pitches and volumes. You indicate which tones you hear by pressing a button on the screen. The whole process is quick and easy, and the difference is apparent immediately, with the headphones delivering a richer and more nuanced sound. The app stores your personal data inside the headphones, so they can deliver the full benefits of your custom profile no matter what Bluetooth source they are paired with. If there’s a drawback to the technology, it’s that the Aventhos can store only one profile at a time. But once you listen to your customised headphones, you won’t want to share anyway.

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