Three Mother’s Day Gin-Based Concoctions

Because quality gin is a gift that gives all day.

The effects of drinking poor quality gin on 18th Century society earned it the nickname Mother’s Ruin, while Irish comic Dylan Moran once dubbed the cheaper stuff “a mascara thinner”. Top-quality gin, though, is a different matter – and makes a great gift for Mother’s Day, which falls this year on Sunday, 22 March.

If you’re handing yours over during a visit, consider these three gin-based cocktails by one of the world’s foremost experts in the juniper-flavoured spirit – Steph DiCamillo, the Global Advocacy Manager at Bathtub Gin (£31 at Master of Malt), one of Robb Report UK’s favourite drops. Starting, natch, with a classic…

Classic Gin & Tonic

50ml Gin
High-quality tonic
Plenty of Ice
An orange slice – you can also add your (mother’s) choice of garnishes, from rosemary to cinnamon sticks!

Choose a highball glass filled with lots of ice, then it’s pretty self-explanatory! Pour gin over ice, fill with tonic and stir gently then garnish to taste and serve.

Bathtub Spritz

50ml gin
150ml Elderflower Presse
Lemon garnish

Again, not rocket science: fill a glass with ice, pour gin over it and top up with elderflower presser’s before garnishing with a lemon or orange wedge.

Passionfruit Southside

50ml gin
15ml Lime Juice
10ml Passionfruit Puree (if you can’t find it scoop out the contents of  1 passionfruit)
15ml Simple Syrup
4 mint leaves
Small rosebuds or mint leaves

Add all ingredients plus ice to a cocktail shaker, shake hard, strain into a chilled coupe glas and garnish with a rosebud or mint leaves.

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