Robb Recommends: Ayurvedic Meal Delivery Newcomer FoodHak

Remember when your personal trainer would have banned food deliveries?

“Flavourful meals,” runs the tagline on the FoodHak’s website, “with the power of medicine.”

It’s a bold claim: but few who have tried their wares would contest that FoodHak – which closed its first multimillion-pound investment back in March – is a delicious offering for those looking to bolster the healthiness of their diet, but don’t have time to peruse the herb aisles, let alone stand at the stove for more than five minutes.

Ayurvedic keralan curry 

Regular customers, FoodHak claims, “have reported significant improvement in energy and immunity by following our carefully curated meal plans”. The programmes referred to include the “Ayurvedic Detox Regime”, which contains soups and broths which are vastly more palatable than one would expect from cuisine squarely aimed at health over hedonism.

Courgette, lemon, mint, tofu, mushrooms, carrots, cherries and crunchy pak choi all feature heavily in FoodHak’s output – and the results are miraculously tasty for something you’ve just plucked off your doorstep, unwrapped and heated in a pan.

Beetroot burger 

“It was after spending a career in healthcare, starting with Pfizer and then being a healthcare and life sciences investor, that it became clear to me that all diseases come down to food at their roots,” says Foodhak founder Sakshi Mittal. “Despite this, there is nothing on the market that focusses on health foods as a form of preventative and curative medicine.”

FoodHak clearly has big plans: “I see ourselves growing to become a global, tech and science driven, new age Food conglomerate,” continues Mittal. “We have visions to take this brand internationally too and are looking at markets like the US, EU and others.  We also believe no one size fits all for food and we are working on personalising nutrition down to your individual needs or health goals using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


“The food is low in glycaemic index, anti-inflammatory, free from gluten, dairy and refined sugars and all plant based. You may find foods with one or two of these characteristics, sitting somewhere in a premium planet organic store, but there are no foods in the market that fulfil all of those characteristics, taste delicious and are delivered to your door nationwide in the UK. On top of that, being able to provide personalised nutrition down to the individual level is also a gap in the market that we are servicing.”


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