Men’s Fashion

The Demise Of The Pitti Peacock

Every year, the migration has been smaller. Fewer fly in for the season, perching together in ever more disparate, shrinking groups. The plumage is just as bright, the display if anything more extravagant, but the downward trend is obvious. This is not a bird suffering the results of climate change: it is the Pitti peacock: […]

Retail Detail: Hamilton and Hare’s Hidden Depths

“A gentleman uses his butter knife,” as one old adage goes, “even when he’s dining alone”, and this rallying call to inconspicuously elegant living certainly applies to all things sartorial: truly stylish men show as much discernment when it comes to their lesser-seen garments as they do their shirts, jackets and trousers. That includes not […]

Design For Life Part I: Kit Blake Founder Chris Modoo

It has existed, conceptually, ever since prehistoric nomads first fashioned crude drinking vessels from clods of clay. The Latin ‘designare’ meant to devise or mark out, while the Italian verb ‘disegnare’ added more senses to the word: to contrive, to intend, to draw and to paint. Since the Industrial Revolution it has referred to a […]

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