Men’s Fashion

Retail Detail: Hamilton and Hare’s Hidden Depths

“A gentleman uses his butter knife,” as one old adage goes, “even when he’s dining alone”, and this rallying call to inconspicuously elegant living certainly applies to all things sartorial: truly stylish men show as much discernment when it comes to their lesser-seen garments as they do their shirts, jackets and trousers. That includes not […]

Design For Life Part I: Kit Blake Founder Chris Modoo

It has existed, conceptually, ever since prehistoric nomads first fashioned crude drinking vessels from clods of clay. The Latin ‘designare’ meant to devise or mark out, while the Italian verb ‘disegnare’ added more senses to the word: to contrive, to intend, to draw and to paint. Since the Industrial Revolution it has referred to a […]

Dunhill Collaborates With Chinese Mega-Influencer

If you’ve not heard of White Day, it’s a romantic celebration that takes place over much of Asia, exactly one month after Valentine’s Day, on which men who received gifts from their female beloveds on the 14th February return the favour. And, to mark the occasion, British fashion giants Dunhill – which has a strong […]

Porsche Design & Puma’s Inaugural Collection

One is the accessories branch of a much lauded high-performance motorsport company; the other is a giant in the world of athletic and casual footwear and apparel. Together – with the former bringing premium technical know-how to the table, the latter sportswear innovations such ultra-light materials and cushioning systems – they’ve come up with a […]

Robb Reader: Kristian Ferner Robson

The proprietor of Chelsea Menswear emporium Oliver Brown – which has provided attire for Sam Smith and Damian Lewis, and is a former official supplier of formalwear for Team GB at the Sochi Winter Olympics and a licensee to Royal Ascot – is a passionate ambassador for classic British tailoring. Offering ready-to-wear and made-to-measure as […]

Robb Reader: Gianluca Isaia

Neapolitan outfitters Isaia’s modern history begins with current CEO Gianluca’s grandfather moving the family business to Casalnuovo with a single-minded mission: to cherry-pick the best tailors from this small town on the edge of Naples and, with his sons Enrico (Gianluca’s father) and Corrado and Rosario (his uncles), create a workshop that would seize on […]

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