Driving Force: Dunhill’s New Engine Turn Collection

The brand’s iconic pattern will feature on a whole new range of tote bags, backpacks and document cases

Dunhill’s motoring credentials go right back to the eponymous founder, in the late 19th-Century, watching participants in Emancipation Run – a seven-hour drive from London to Brighton, with vehicles having recently become legally permitted to travel at 14mph – set off from the British capital.

Alfred Dunhill, in that moment, foresaw that motoring was set to accumulate a serious number of devotees, and immediately set about turning his newly inherited family leather business into a purveyor of automotive clothing and paraphernalia.

Anti-glare sun goggles with leather side cups, heavy  fur coats to combat the British winters (car roofs wouldn’t arrive until the early 30s) pairs of ‘Bobby Finders’ – goggles, which would enable a gentleman motorist to “spot a policeman at half a mile, even if disguised as a respectable man” – were among the newly revamped company’s early creations.

So it’s appropriate that one of the modern  Dunhill brand’s signature patters is named Engine Turn: an elegant, diagonal criss-cross affair which can be found on everything from Dunhill’s sweaters to its sneakers via wallets, scarves and passport holders. This new canvas collection featuring the house’s iconic pattern has a branded selvedge inspired by British tailoring fabrics, and includes a tote bag, backpack, slim document case, folios, wallets and belts.

From £135 to £875. dunhill.com



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