The Wardrobe by Spencer Hart: the future of menswear?

There is plenty to distinguish London tailor Nick Hart: not least his distaste for the catwalk (not conducive to designing for real life), a host of illustrious patrons including Benedict Cumberbatch, P Diddy, Chiwetal Ejiofor and Matthew McConaughey, and his touching decision to name his brand Spencer Hart, back in 2006, after his then young son.

Now, Hart is applying his scalpel-sharp tailoring nous to a new venture that might just point the way to where fashion is heading, in an era when people who want to look au courant need the world to slow down in order to indulge their fashion smarts: The Wardrobe by Spencer Hart – a by-appointment-only, ultra-luxe, made-to-measure service designed to furnish the stylishly inclined but terminally time-poor an entire sartorial repertoire in one fell swoop.

The service begins with a consultation (as long as the client wishes it to be, naturally), during which the customer is quizzed about the climate they inhabit, the life they lead, their personal sartorial preferences and so on (Hart’s experts will also visit you – anywhere in the world – for a fitting). A proposal is then put together – an ensemble assembly, if you like – which equates to 15 outfits covering every base in the modern urban warrior’s life. The package will include the five key garments that, Hart feels, every man should own: a cashmere coat, dinner suit, cashmere jacket, lightweight cotton poplin outfit and the perfect white shirt – the latter being, lest we forget, the gentlemen’s equivalent of a lady’s ‘little black skirt’.

In all, the client receives 46 garments, each discreetly numbered and delivered in 15 ready to hang outfits in numbered garment bags. Your wardrobe is also delivered (10 weeks after initial consultation) with a comprehensive manual, ensuring the clients ‘wear it well’, so to speak, including suggestions for outfit combinations and garment care. And, clients can later repurchase individual items should they so wish, or supplement their new wardrobe with add-on capsule collections (luxury range, summer add-ons etc).

“Many time-poor men have reached a stage in their lives when looking effortlessly great means feeling good and succeeding in both a professional and personal sense,” Hart explains of the new venture’s philosophy. “They don’t have the time or the inclination to go shopping, and they need more than a stylist can offer. Our target clients are naturally quite anti-establishment – they couldn’t really care less about trends and ‘dos and don’ts’. In fact, all of that is actually quite annoying to them and definitely not worth their time. These people have very high IQs and are constantly on the move and craving experiences and education when they’re not working.”

A further motive his customers have to look sharp, Hart says, is their professional position: “They’re often in the public eye – shareholders and investors who make keynote speeches and Ted talks and so on Then, of course, there’s social media. So, the idea is to make each respective client look absolutely the best version of themselves, without it looking as if they have tried.”

A one-stop wardrobe overhaul might not suit the hardcore, chin-stroking sartorialists who like to do their own curating: but with ‘me-time’ increasingly becoming gold-dust – particularly amongst the young and stylistically savvy who appreciate the importance of looking the part – Hart’s new venture  looks like it could be seriously future-proof.

The full Wardrobe by Spencer Hart package costs £30k plus VAT (or £2000 an outfit).