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On redefining the luxury kitchen space - again


The premium German kitchen brand founded by Ulrich Siekmann’s grandfather has revolutionised the environment in which we cook: not least with the handle-free SieMatic – an avant-garde solution first introduced in 1960, then given a revamp in 1988. The concept’s new iteration, available this year, reaches giddier new heights when it comes to how to make a kitchen space more streamlined, more delicate, more elegant and yet more functional too.

So what are Siekmann’s philosophies, when it comes to overseeing a brand whose guiding principle is “Always ask yourself how we can make it better”?

How did SieMatic’s invention of the handless kitchen come about?
The handleless kitchen was invented in the mid-60s. SieMatic´s marketing team always followed interior design trends in international markets, and saw a trend for contemporary design that would follow a very elegant interpretation of that same style. SieMatic has always been an innovative company and put itself at the forefront with the launch of that new design which was subsequently copied only by a few other German brands at the time.

How would you describe the new SLX interior design kitchen/living space concept to the uninitiated?
The SLX design concept is all about minimalism and very refined proportions. The consequent proportion of 6.5mm gives the kitchen a wonderful light, “floating” appearance; very slim worktops create that linear design character. As design is all about details in the right composition, the SLX is once again setting an example for SieMatic and hopefully the market as a whole.

What are some examples of SieMatic’s approach to sustainability?
SieMatic is complying with the US Carb-Standard – which is a very demanding standard for chipboard material and contents. In addition, we have a mixed FSC credit product line. SieMatic focusses as much as possible on over-achieving industry standards with regard to sustainability, with both its manufacturing and product range. All in all, sustainable products are also those that last a long time. SieMatic´s high standard of quality and craftsmanship strive to assure just that.

How are consumer tastes changing as new generations become luxury consumers?
Great question. We sense that at this point in time, we do not feel dramatic changes in customer needs. Nevertheless, based on the digital revolution, we are more than certain that kitchens will undergo major changes as well. In addition, new and younger generations have great aspirations for brands, and very demanding and clear expectations with regard to spatial design. We focus on meeting the ever increasing demands of our very individual customer group.

Can you describe in detail a couple of the intricate artisanal endeavours which take place at your production facility?
SieMatic´s product lines not only carry lacquer, veneer and laminate door styles but more and more variations of metal and glass doors. SieMatic has a number of refined designs including several aluminium, nickel and steel finishes in gold, bronze, black bronze and the like. The manufacturing of such doors including the first industry three-sided-glass cabinet is a piece of craftsmanship that you would only find at the very high-end of the market, at companies such as SieMatic. The harmony of hand-made products with high-tech-produced industrial products make a perfect match for, and offering to, clients. The design options that result from that combination is what makes SieMatic special, and gives numerous possibilities for customers to define their individual design for their kitchen.

How would you describe the ‘multimatic tracking’ storage system to someone who’d never heard of it?
It’s the perfect functional tool to organise space inside a cabinet. The result is up to 30 per cent more storage space. SieMatic has many accessory options that allow clients to customise the interior of their units and drawers, meaning that everything has its place, even as lifestyles change over future years.

Your guiding principle is “Always ask yourself how we can make it better.” How are you answering that question, here in mid-2019?
Design-wise, just look at the new SLX handleless kitchen. In terms of all other product aspects, the answer could be rather long. Today, demands of all customers are high and luxury customers want to see no limits in having their dream kitchen designed. But our efforts focus not only on the design aspect but also much on functional details. SieMatic’s award-winning interior accessories are currently being re-designed, including the cabinet-system as a whole. And that will focus on an integrated approach, to deliver even better solutions in kitchen design all along the customer journey. We will be ready to present the new product in 2021.


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