Author: Lysanne Currie

Entrepreneurs and Innovators Part I: Dan Hayes, CEO, VRCO

The UK has, since the Industrial Revolution, been a powerhouse when it comes to pushing the proverbial envelope. In the first of six profiles of enterprising giants keeping the flag flying today, we meet the head of the Nottingham-based aviation company  When Dan Hayes was growing up in Nottingham, he attended a boarding school near […]

Eating With The Fishes: Europe’s First Underwater Restaurant

There’s a famous scene in The Spy Who Loved Me where baddie Karl Stromberg sits feasting in his sub-aqua dining room, sharks hustling impatiently at the windows. It’s an ominous, dark, dramatic tableau and one purely confined to celluloid – until now. Under is a 110-foot long underwater restaurant-cum-aquarium showcasing the wonders of the deep, […]

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